How to age gracefully and what it actually meansHave you got a family member, neighbor, or family friend who never seems to age? You know the type of person I mean. They seem to skate through life as though time stood still, are always ‘full of life’ and their age is no barrier.

Most of us know someone like this. Every time you see them, you can’t help but notice how they haven’t changed one bit. And in particular, when you compare them to others of the same age the difference can be astounding.

So what makes these people different?

Are some people more genetically predisposed to aging better?

Is it something that is available to just a lucky few?

Or is it something else?

It used to be that we didn’t have a lot of the answers to these questions. But, today we know a lot more thanks to science and many studies. And the good news is, you can age gracefully. A lot of it is up to you and the choices you make.

Before taking a look at how to age gracefully, let’s first answer the following question…

What Does Aging Gracefully Mean?

To some people, the phrase “aging gracefully” means to accept the changes that come your way as you grow older each day.

Of course, there is no way to stop time completely. And you can’t panic about every wrinkle or gray hair you see.

All this will do is stress you out and make you feel depressed – and stress and depression will only make you age faster! Not only that, the more you look at the signs of age, the older you will feel.

The Trick To Aging GracefullyTo me, aging gracefully means accepting that changes will take place BUT still getting on with life. It means embracing the life that is still ahead and doing your best to make the most of it.  In other words…enjoy it!

It is about appreciating the experience and wisdom that only time can give you.

It is about loving yourself enough to treat your body and mind with kindness and compassion.

It is about looking in the mirror, seeing how you can love yourself more and taking care of yourself.

You can be beautiful, energetic and healthy at any age. Aiming to be the best you can be every day – that is what it means to age gracefully.

Let’s take a look at the 3 main areas we can address to help with aging gracefully.


The Physical Body

It makes sense that if you take care of your physical body now, it will take care of you later.

Eating well, regular exercise, fresh air, sunshine and good quality sleep will keep you healthier as you age. Using sunscreen and drinking lots of water are also essential.

You have complete control and responsibility over what enters your body. Eating and drinking right is the perfect way to protect yourself from the pitfalls of aging.

Everything in your physical body will respond to the natural course of aging from eyesight to muscles and joints. But, the better the input, the better chance you give your physical body of aging gracefully. A diet based on lots of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables is a great start.


The Spiritual Being

We all have some type of spirituality – not necessarily a religion, but a spiritual point of view.

It might simply be doing the right thing, helping others or being part of a family and a community. These are all spiritual habits.

Involvement as a spiritual being is an excellent way to stay in touch with and give back to your community. It provides many health benefits as well.

People of all ages are a vital part of any community. And older people can add so much value to the community regardless of age.

If you continue to reach out to others, especially as you age, you will be the epitome of aging gracefully. In fact, you may become one of those people that never seem to age and are widely admired.


The Mental Mind

The vitality and vibrancy of your mind depends on how you treat it as you age.

Don’t fill your head your head with negative talk or surround yourself with negative situations and individuals. Negativity will show in your body and mind while aging you faster.

Keep your mind healthy and happy with a daily positive attitude. Other activities to keep you alert include reading, staying abreast of local and global news, doing puzzles and games.

These activities will stimulate your brain daily, keeping it alert and you will feel better as a result.


Aging gracefully is not a hard thing to do. Work on the 3 areas – physical, spiritual and mental – to keep yourself active, healthy and positive. Do this, and you will be one of those ‘ageless’ people we talked about at the beginning.