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Author: Michelle

How To Age Gracefully And What It Actually Means

  Have you got a family member, neighbor, or family friend who never seems to age? You know the type of person I mean. They seem to skate through life as though time stood still, are always ‘full of life’ and their age is no barrier. Most of us know someone like this. Every time you see them, you can’t help but notice how they haven’t changed one bit. And in particular, when you compare them to others of the same age the difference can be astounding. So what makes these people different? Are some people more genetically predisposed...

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How To Use Coconut Oil For A Natural Skin Boost

Trying to stem the aging of our skin is not always easy. But luckily there are many natural ways that make it easy to help our skin as it grows older. There are many natural anti aging oils that are very effective in helping keep our skin youthful. Using these means you can get rid of the harsh chemicals found in store-bought creams. Another great natural product for anti aging is coconut. Coconut can benefit you in many different ways so is often considered a miracle cure. But something rarely mentioned is using coconut for anti aging. Here’s a...

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Berry Banana Anti Aging Smoothie

If you love berries and getting your daily dose of protein in a smoothie as well, this recipe is for you! With a blend of 2 popular berries, protein-rich silken tofu, and mineral-loaded banana it will keep you full for hours. It’s also packed with antioxidants (thanks to the blueberries) which fight both the visible and internal signs of aging. The recipe is enough for 2 as well, so it’s great for sharing! What You’ll Need: 1/4 cup of liquid of your choice e.g. water, milk, almond milk, apple juice, or orange juice 1 cup silken tofu (not to be confused...

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What Makes Blueberries an Anti Aging Super Food

They might be small in size, but blueberries are a known super food that can benefit us in many ways. It is the antioxidants that make blueberries an anti aging powerhouse and in fact, half a cup of blueberries can deliver as many antioxidants as 5 servings of other fruits and vegetables (Source). Study after study has shown that these tiny, colorful berries can be your superheroes in the battle against aging. What I love about blueberries (apart from the health benefits) is they are so easy to include in your diet. Buy them fresh or frozen and add...

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5 Simple Foods for Anti Aging You Need To Eat

We would all love to flaunt younger looking skin and a face devoid of wrinkles. And while these days, some choose the surgical option, the results are often temporary. This is even more the case if lifestyle changes are not made as well. Plenty of studies have shown that our beloved sags, bags and wrinkles can be reduced by eating the right kind of foods every day. Not only that, the right kind of foods will also give you increased energy and health. There are many foods for anti aging, but below are those that are at the top...

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